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These pages show the fun, funny, or disastrous events in our lives over the past months. The pages are arranged by time with the most recent just below.

APRIL SNOW A spring snow fell on April Fool Day, April 1, 2013

MARGARET'S BIRTHDAY 2012  A few got together this year. The power was out so we had to cope with no light and no air condidioner.

OUR OFFICE WINDOW The office window is like a picture window and gives some interesting views. 

MARGARET SPRING 2012 Here are pictures of Spring activities and the people enjoying themselves.

NOT IN USE There are hundreds of items sitting around the house that no one ever uses any more.

HOME SOUVENIRS I found a couple of items that we kept because they belonged to a relative.

MOON AND PLANETS The moon and the planets Venus and Jupiter provide an astronomical apparition early 2012.

FIRST SNOW OF 2012 This snow has been the only good snow of the winter.

WEATHER REPORTS I listen to the scanning radio.

MARGARET'S BIRTHDAYS 2011 Margaret had two birthday celebrations, one on June 22 when she claimed to be 16 years old, and the second on July 6 when I said she had to now be 17 years old.

MONINNA AND JAMES VISIT They washed our cars for us during their summer visit to Lynchburg.

VISIT TO TURKEY Cousin Bob Smith and wife Sandy visited Turkey this Spring, 2011.

MARCH 2011 Blooms and Snow A late spring snow helps us enjoy the flower, shrub and tree blooms.

CHRISTMAS 2010 The Christmas season 2010 extending over six pages from early December to mid January 2011.

FALL 2010 A couple of pictures of the fall season.

ORAL SURGERY Margaret had her mouth cleaned out this week.

WINTER SNOWS These pictures are of the several snows we had for winter 2009-2010.


JANUARY SUNRISE A cold morning in January 2010.

CHRISTMAS 09 Including a few days before.

MY BIRTHDAY 09 Events include our anniversary and Christmas preparations.

FALL 2009 Margaret gets a hairdo each week on Wednesday.

CHINA VISIT Bob and Sandy visited China in late Summer 2009.

LATEST RELATIVE? Here is a newborn relative on the Steppe side.

DANNY GRANDCHILD Danica Avery Steppe was born April 11, 2009.

JEAN AND CLAUDIA VISIT Margaret's cousin Jean and her daughter Claudia visited us near the end of July in 2009.

MARGARET'S BIRTHDAY 2009 Daughters Connie and Alice gave their mother a birthday party at Connie's house.

BABY PICTURES JUNE 2009 Here are recent of the twin boys, Miles Lee Porterfield and Mason Alexander Porterfield.

COOKOUT June 3 2009 these old friends had a cookout at Bobby and Fays home.

RETIREMENT TRIPS PAGE 2 Bob and Sandy Retirement Travels Continue.

RETIREMENT TRIPS Bob and Sandy Smith travel to Arizona and Alaska.

LYNCHBURG PHOTO This photograph was taken by Bob Staton.

BOOK ON BROOKVILLE HIGH SCHOOL A former student, Phyllis Coleman, has written a book on the old high school.

HALLOWEEN 2008 The grandkids came to see us and trick or treat in the neighborhood.

BABIES A AND B Margaret has two new Great Grandchildren.

SANDY AND BOB are on tour this September, 2008.

OLD FRIENDS Ted, Bobby, and Bailey, with their wives, met August 2 at a restaurant to go over old times.

JULY 4 WEEKEND I cooked for July 4 and Margaret's Birthday is July 6.

FATHER'S DAY VISIT My children came to see me on Father's Day, 2008.

TRIP TO PERU My cousin Bob Smith and wife Sandy made a vacation trip to Peru in June 2008.

DANNY HEADSTONE This picture came to me in April 2008.

PICTURES OF DANNY A couple of pictures of my cousin Danny.

A STEPPE COUSIN DIED My cousin Danny Steppe died the week before Christmas, 2007.

HALLOWEEN 2007 As usual, a jack-o-lantern and the grandchildren.

THE LAST ROSE OF SUMMER Margaret cut this rose from our front yard.

A NEW STEPPE Pictures of Dana Steppe Hart and her family.

MARGARET'S GREAT GRANDSON One of us has a great grandchild.

MONINNA VISIT My daughter and her two boys visited in late June, 2007/

SPRING TREE WORK This week, first week of May 07 we had some tree work done in our yard, and the neighbor Sally Frazier helped pay for it.

MARGARET'S SPRING HAIRDO Margaret got her hair set today and thought it looked good.

A COLD FEBRUARY DAY I went out for a walk and found the wind and temperature to be too much. Margaret remained inside reading and comfortable.

MONINNA VISITS My daughter Moninna and friend James visited this week of February 4, 2007

CHRISTMAS VISITS We started our Christmas visits yesterday, Jan 10, 2007 by visiting my sisters. Today we visited my cousin Jaunita.

FIRST FIRE OF 2007 Here is our first fireplace fire of 2007.

DANNY'S GRANDCHILDREN Not a current event either, but will fix it at a later date.

DANNY'S CHILDREN GET MARRIED This is not a current event, so I may relocate the page somewhere else later.

HALLOWEEN 2006 My Grandsons came to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood this evening.

FALL LEAVES Today, Oct 20,2006, the fall leaves are just beginning to fall.

LAST ROLL When did you take your last roll of film? My last roll lasted for two years, from spring 2004 to fall 2006. In this time I took almost all of my pictures with a digital camera. Here are the meaningful pictures from that time.

FALL CONVERTIBLE RIDE Each year, in the fall, we take a ride in our convertible. This year we rode down Timberlake Drive to the dam.

A FALL SNOOZE Margaret and I doze off on a sleepy early fall afternoon.

BOB'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION Cousin Bob Smith and Sandy came to Lynchburg this weekend, Sept. 22, 2006.

HAIRDO Margaret shows her weekly hairdo.

MARGARET'S BIRTHDAY There were several events for her birthday this year.

BASE BALL GAME Today, June 20, we went to a game with Connie and Lou. I saw my first game here about 60 years ago.

SOLITAIRE I play solitaire several times each day. Here is my high score so far, and evidence of bugs in the game.

SPRING 2006 Here is a picture or Margaret doing spring cleaning.

HOLIDAYS 2005 Here are pages of the 2005 holiday season. I will add pages as the season progresses..

HALLOWEEN 2005 Here are a few pics of the season when my grandsons visited to go trick-or-treat in the neighborhood.

PORT REMOVAL Margaret had her blood system 'port' removed last week.

BRANDON'S BIRTHDAY Margaret's brother Brandon Thacker had his birthday today, Sept 18, 2005. His daughter Diane gave a surprise party for him.

DEER I have seen many small animals in my yard. But now larger mammals are starting to need to eat plants from our yard.

HERB MORE JR. He is my cousin, son of my mother's sister Iris Waller. An Air force buddy of Herb contacted me, and it led to Herb's wife Berniece sending me these pictures. There are 4 pages; click on NEXT at the bottom of each page to see the next page.

DANIEL'S BIRTHDAY Party for his 6th birthday, July 22, 2005.

BROOKVILLE HS 50th Reunion for the class of 1955, June 18 2005.

THACKER REUNION The Thacker family and relatives met June 18, 2005.

MONINNA VISITS My daughter Moninna visited the week of June 7 to June 14.

FISHING Today, May 24, 2005, neighbor Bob Cox and I went fishing in the lake.

MOTHER'S DAY 2005 Connie and Lou took us to lunch.

DOGWOOD TREES They are in full bloom. We have a dozen in our yard, and several in neighbor's yards on all quarters.

FURNACE DISASTER Saturday, March 26, we had a furnace puff back, or blow back. Black smoke, soot, and dust went all through the house and settled on everything. This required three weeks of professional cleaning. There are 8 pages of pics so far.

KEEPING WARM Margaret and I sit in the car to keep warm on a cold March day.

MARGARET AND HER COUSINS Cousins Jean and Eleanor came to visit Margaret today.

CHRISTMAS 2004 This is a busy season. First there is a calendar of events. Then nine more pages for the season.

HALLOWEEN 2004 my grandsons did trick-or-treat in our neighborhood again this year.

MONINNA AND BRYAN VISIT My daughter and my grandson visited the week of October 24.

CVCC BIRTHDAY PARTY Each month the Science, Math, and Engineering division at CVCC holds a birthday party for current celebrants.

BEACH VISIT AUG 04 Margaret and I stayed at Peggy Bowen's cottage the week before Labor Day 2004.

THACKER FAMILY REUNION Grandchildren of Charles H Thacker, my wife Margaret's grandfather, met to get to know each other again.

DANIEL'S BIRTHDAY PARTY 2004 The party was held on Saturday July 24, his birthday is July 22.

MARGARET KEEPS A TIGHT HOUSE How can a man live with a perfectionist housekeeper?

MARGARET'S BIRTHDAY 2004 Margaret's daughters decided to take her on an airplane trip to Martinsville, Virginia for her birdhday this year.

AVA Ava Katherine Smith is the newborn granddaughter of my first cousin Robert Smith.

ANOTHER CONTACT About once a month I hear from a new relative that has seen my web site.

SPRING TRIP TO NAGS HEAD We went to Nags Head this weak, May 16 to May 20.

MOTHER'S DAY 2004 We will add to these pictures as the season goes on.

EASTER 2004 Brandon and Elaine invited family members to lunch this Easter Sunday.

MONINNA VISIT MARCH My daughter Moninna and her family visited Lynchburg in March, 2004.

COUSIN DANNY AT CHRISTMAS This is a large Steppe family, my cousin at Christmas 2003.

JANUARY 2004 Here are a couple of January 2004 pics.

MORE GREAT GRANDCHILDREN Here are a couple of the newest descendents of Lem and Mag Waller, GGG-Grandchildren.

MILLIE'S CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS Millie Davis uses ten Christmas trees and countless other decorations.

OUR PORTRAIT This  is a church portrait we had made in August 2003.

CHRISTMAS 2003 Christmas pictures.

HOSPITAL PICTURE Margaret had her hair done today at the hospital.

MARGARET IN THE HOSPITAL Margaret had an operation and will be in the hospital for several days.

THANKSGIVING 2003 We ate dinner with Margaret's daughters and their families.

HALLOWEEN 2003 My grandsons visit us on Halloween Eve, 2003.

MORRIS BAILEY BIRTHDAY Bailey relatives met for a birthday lunch October 28, 2003.

VISIT TO MORRIS ORCHARD We visited the orchard today, October 14, 2003.

CONVERTIBLE RIDE Each fall we go on a convertible ride. This is the ride for 2003.

FALL FOLIAGE 2003 Here are pictures of the foliage on our lot taken in our front yard on October 7, 2003. (3 pages)

NAGS HEAD, SEPT 2003 We went to the seashore for our summer vacation in late summer.

A SUMMER STORM A summer storm blew down a large tree in our yard onto a neighbor's house.

DANIELS BIRTHDAY PARTY JULY 2003 The party was Saturday July 19. His birthday is July 22.

MARGARET'S BIRTHDAY PARTY Connie and Alice gave Margaret a small party and luncheon for 2003.

SPRING MADNESS I prepare to frighten neighborhood children.

EASTER 2003 We ate Easter dinner with Margaret's daughters.

SPRING 2003 here is the start of spring 2003.

ZACHARY'S BIRTHDAY 2003 Zachary celebrated his 6th birthday on March 9, 2003.

RETIREMENT Since I have retired, Jan 1, 2003,  we do not do much. So we have decided to start doing some things that we did earlier in our marriage.

VISIT FROM MARGARET'S CHILDREN Two of Margaret's children, Connie and Ed, visited us on the Sunday after Christmas.

A FRIEND DIED One of my longest friends died a day or two after Christmas 2002.

CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON Della Hagy and Brenda Foster have a Christmas Luncheon each year. They have invited me a couple of times. Here are pictures for the 2002 Luncheon.

UNCLE CLYDE DIED Here is the obituary of uncle W C Steppe, my father's brother who passed away December 13

FIRST SNOW 2002 Here are pics of the first snow storm of Winter 2002.

HALLOWEEN 2002 Each year my grandsons come to go "trick-or-treating" in our neighborhood.

TRIP TO THE ORCHARD Each year we take a fall trip to the orchard to buy apples and a pumpkin for me to carve a Halloween lantern.

PLAYING POOL Margaret and I play pool early October

VACATION 2002 We went to Nags Head for a few days August 12, 2002. (3 pages)

CLYDE AND IRENE Aunt Irene Steppe sent me a recent picture of her and Uncle Clyde, probably taken in July 2002.

MONINNA VISIT My daughter and grandson Bryan are in Lynchburg this week, July 21, 2002

DANIEL'S BIRTHDAY My grandson Daniel Steppe had his birthday party today, July 20, 2002. (2 pages)

PIANO IN A FRONT YARD As I was walking I saw a piano in a yard.

MARGARET'S BIRTHDAY (3 pages) Connie and Alice, Margaret's daughters, gave Margaret, and me, a lunch cruise on Smith Mountain Lake for Margaret's birthday. We went on the cruise boat Virginia Dare.

THE NEWEST STEPPES This page is intended to keep track of the newborn into the Steppe family. My niece gave birth to Noah Allen Thompson, February 24, 2002. Another Steppe was born, July 3, 2002, a grandson of my cousin Danny Steppe, Bralynn Marie Steppe. The most recent birth that I know of was Aug 27, 2002.

HUNT-WALLER REUNION The Hunt-Waller family reunion was held at Mulberry Baptist Church in Halifax County Sunday, June 9 2002. Margaret and I went for the first time and met a lot of my relatives.

A 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Cousin Juanita and husband Moncy Barbour celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at New Chapel Baptist Church.

VALENTINE DANCE Margaret and I went to the Valentine Dance at the Elk's Club, with a couple of other pairs. We danced a little, as best we can, and had fun enjoying the music and friends. It was the first dance we had been to since the millennium when everyone was expecting something to happen.

BAILEY FAMILY REUNION The Bailey Family Reunion was held in August 2001. It was the first one I had attended.

BEACH AUGUST 2000 This is one of the earliest beach visits that I have pictures of.

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