Herb More

Herb More Jr. is my cousin. Here he is with his wife Berniece. She was with him while he earned most of his 8 service stripes and rank of Sergeant Mayor. So she deserves as much honor as he, since she raised a family and moved around the world with him for all those years. Herb Jr. like his father, Herbert Morehouse, did double duty service. My uncle Herbert served in the army before WWII and then served again during WWII. My cousin Herb Jr. first enlisted in the Air Force, then enlisted in the Army where he made a career. His five times great grandfather was also a Sergeant Mayor, serving in the Virginia militia in 1779, in the 10th regiment, at age 74.

Herb's parents, Iris and Herbert Morehouse. The picture was taken when Herbert was in the army, about 1944 I would guess. I think the family lived on 5th St in Lynchburg at the time.