About 18 months ago Margaret had a reaction to chemotherapy and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital. During that time she had a 'port' inserted in her chest near her right shoulder. The purpose was to provide an easy 'port' into her blood system that would not require repeated access into the veins and arteries of her arm. Thus IV access and blood withdrawal for tests would be easy and not destroy the fragile veins in her arms.

Last week she had an outpatient procedure to remove the port, which took about a half hour of local anesthetic procedure. The directions for her care required that she not lift her arms above her head, which meant that she can't wear slipover blouses or sweaters. Since Margaret had very few button up tops, daughter Connie volunteered to provide some of her button up tops for Margaret.

Here is Margaret in one of four matching button up blouses that Connie has let her use, and there are several other tops that Connie provided. Next week Margaret will go to have the bandage removed. Everything is going OK.