CHRISTMAS 2010 Page 1

Today, Dec 4, 2010, we had our first snow. I did my first Christmas chore, ordered a couple of Fruit Cakes for my sisters. I have been turning on Christmas lights since Thanksgiving, but they were up already for two years at least, twelve months per year.

You can see the snow on the leaves in front of the car and the falling snow is the white blobs on the side of the car. It snowed for a couple of hours and has let up now, about sunset.

Looking out of the office window the next morning.

I will do most of my Christmas shopping through the mail. Here is a stack of catalogs that have been coming in for several months. The stack is about one foot high and includes duplicates which come every week or so.

Our Twenty-Third wedding anniversary was today, Dec. 10. The camera does not know the day. This picture was taken in commemoration.