Margaret Spring 2012

Here are various pictures of Margaret from March and April, 2012.

Margaret likes to bring flowers inside and have them beside her bed. Here she holds a few daffodils.

Margaret gets her nails done by Alice.

Margaret uses Crayola crayons to color a page in her coloring book. Alice is helping her make decisions.

Here Margaret has forgotten that she still has a ball point pen stored on the neck band of her shirt. She would not have let me take the picture is she realized this.

Margaret's babies enjoy being with the bedside flowers. From left to right: Benny the Bear, Freddie the Frog, and Vivian the Vixen. Vivian is named after Margaret's new Great Granddaughter.

Here is the new Great Granddaughter Vivian. The parents are Ericka and Jeremy Porterfield.