Sandy and Bob tour in Europe

The picture captions are by Bob Smith.

This is Sandy with a unicorn in the Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, Austria.  This is where Maria sang "Do, Re, Mi"  in the "Sound of Music".  Sandy loves unicorns.

View from Austrian town of Heiligblut.  The tall, partially snow covered mountain in the background is the Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria.

The church with the tall steeple in this photo is supposedly the repository of a vial of Jesus Christ's own blood, hence the town's name Heiligblut ("Holy Blood" in German).  Of course, I cannot vouch for the validity of this legend.  The tall distant mountain with snow and ice on part of its slope (right side of photo) is the Grossglockner, which is the highest mountain in Austria.

The above photo came to me in May 2009.

Photo from Dolomite Alps, Italy

This photo of the Dolomites came to me May, 2009.

The first of these collage photo groups includes the only photo I have of myself on the Alpine tour.