We have had several homeowner disasters in the past few years. A tree fell on our roof a couple of years ago. Then several of our trees fell on a neighbor's house, creating a mess in our yard. We still have a monstrous stump lying over in our yard. Then the roof started to leak. Finally, March 26, 2005 we had a furnace puff-back. Smoke, soot, and dust from the furnace came into the house and coated everything. So everything in the house, a 25 or more year collection, will have to be cleaned. Including all the drapes, mini blinds, clothes, and nick-knacks.

The cleaners are here today, April 1. Here are April and Jenni working in our bedroom. Jenni is a former student of mine. The black plastic is to cover the windows at night since the curtains and drapes are down to be cleaned.

This shows the magnitude of the job. On the left is a bookcase, one of a dozen. Each book has to be dusted. On the right is a clothes closet, one of a dozen, filled with clothes and with boxes packed on the floor and the upper shelf.

Margaret said she can't sit and rest when she sees something that needs to be done. So she is working with the cleaning crew, even though they will clean it all again when they get to it.

Paco working in one of the bathrooms. He is using a special vacuum cleaner.

All of the drapes have been taken down and stored in our pool room. The dry cleaner will pick them up next Tuesday, along with all our clothing.