The Steppe Bar. Margaret will put the stir stick in the shot cup if I leave it out. And she will put a napkin under the edge of the placemat to keep moisture from getting under.

This is the spare bed, I use it when I can't sleep or Margaret is snoring. She has aligned the bedspread with the sheet and made it all correct. I had left it perfect, or so I thought.

I have a synthesizer in the spare bedroom and will sit in the chair and play it sometimes. Margaret has realigned the chair with mathematical precision in front of the keyboard. Notice the dust on the back edge of the perfectly aligned chair.

Margaret washes my towels each week and puts a fresh set in my bathroom. Here is the set for the week of July 11, 2004. We each have a bathroom and a bedroom. That is a grand arrangement.

Margaret has a phobia about electrical power outages, we have had several since we have been on Timberlake. This has led her to place alternative lighting throughout the house, several in some rooms. The battery powered fluorescent light sits in the doorway of our bedroom. The flash light is one of four that sits on the divisions of our living/dining room shelves.