Morris Bailey Birthday Party (Page 1)

The Bailey relatives got together at the Golden Coral for a birthday lunch for Morris Bailey on October 28, 2003. Two of his siblings were also born in October. Here are pictures of my relatives.

Bailey Siblings. Back: Janice, Milton, Mildred, Morris. Front: Iva and Katy Mae. They are first cousins of my father, and thus my first cousins once removed.

At the left are A M Hodnett and wife Mattie Hodnett (face hidden) At the right are Milton Bailey and Carl Hodnett.

Nellie Finch and Amelia Talley. Nellie is my fourth cousin once removed. Amelia is my fifth cousin; and like me, she is a mathematics teacher.

My first cousin Clay Davis. His mother was my father's sister.

Margaret, my wife, and me, Lewis Bailey Steppe Jr.