Zachary's Birthday March 2003 (3 pages)

Daniel learns that he will not be allowed to open any of brother Zachary's presents, not even help start the paper tearing! Note the 'hands on hips' pose of big brother and the 'hands behind back' pose of little brother.

Zachary starts to open our present. Daniel still has his hands behind his back, so Zachary allows him to stand nearby. The other children kept out of this dispute. The present was a drum and fife set which had mother Jennifer in a fit.

Daniel and Zachary admire the birthday cake with six flaming candles. Daniel was not allowed to blow out any of the candles. By this time he has accepted that he will not have a major role in his brother's enjoyment, so brother Zachary lets him get close. But...Daniel's birthday party will be along just a few months from now! What do you think he has learned from his brother?