This may be my last roll of film since now I use a digital camera. The pictures start in the spring of 2004, at Nags Head, and end in the fall of 2006 at our home.

We went to Nags Head in the spring of 2004. Our car is parked beside our cottage at the motel.

Me sitting on the porch or our cottage.

General view of the motel. Our car is just to the left of the brick building in the foreground.

The beach is denuded by the recent storms, so that we could not sit or walk there.

These are fruiting bodies of a magic plant.

These brown sprigs cling to the evergreen tree in out front yard. Last week, in October 2006, we had a wind night wind storm that blew down many of these brown branches. Margaret went out and collected up piles of them. Then I brought down a trash can, and she filled it with the branches.

This hawk was photographed in the spring of 2006, watching high on a neighbor's tree.