Cousin Bob Smith and wife Sandy make a trip to China in late summer 2009.

Mao in Tiananmen Square Mao is still admired and revered by the Chinese government and by most of the Chinese people.

Imperial Palace, Beijing This is one (very small) part of the huge and elaborate palace complex previously occupied by the Chinese emperor and his family, staff, and servants

Great Wall, China The photo is from the Badaling section near Beijing, which has been well restored.  I managed to climb to the highest tower in this section for this photo.

Terra Cotta Warriors The terra cotta warriors are part of the burial complex of Qin Shi Huang(di), the self proclaimed first emperor of China, who ruled China from 221 to 210 BC.

Chinese lunch, Beijing This is the lunch menu and meal description for a Chinese street restaurant in Beijing, all written in Chinese, of course.  It features ten different lunch servings built around Coca Cola and roast donkey meat.