December is a busy month. Here are the events we attended and could have attended, with links to pages with pictures of the events.

Dec 7 My birthday. LINK

Dec  9 A birthday luncheon at the college for me and other December birthdays. We attended but I didn't get pictures. Here are pictures of the September party, press the "Back" button to get back to this page. LINK

Dec 10 Our anniversary and Alice's birthday.

Dec 11 Christmas Dance at the Moose Club. We forgot to attend.

Dec 13 We got our flu shots.

Dec 15 Christmas dinner at Montebello restaurant for Peddler Antique dealers. I am not sure about the date, but we went and enjoyed the company.

Dec 16 Christmas luncheon given by Brenda and Della for CVCC friends. LINK

Dec 17 Alice, Margaret's daughter came for the weekend. They shopped and visited. LINK

Dec 21 Christmas luncheon for CVCC employees and retirees. We did not attend.

Dec 23 Margaret went to Dr Headley and got a good checkup.

Dec 24 We visited my sister Margaret and my friend Ted. LINK

Dec 25 We were invited to a luncheon by Margaret's brother Brandon and wife Elaine. Margaret was so upset about a front false tooth coming out that she got sick and we could not go. Brandon came by and got our donation of food and Margaret's daughter Connie and Lou brought us a couple of platters from the food. We stayed at home all day.

Dec 26 We went to Connie and Lou's to exchange presents. LINK

Dec 28 Margaret went to her dentist to get her tooth fixed, I visited my sisters Margaret and Sylvia. LINK

Dec 30 Margaret to a birthday club luncheon with the girls. I went to take gifts to my grandsons. LINK

Dec 31 We went to the New Year's Dance at the Elks Club. LINK

This poinsettia came from Meals on Wheels.