Whether Potes

I listen to the 'Whether Potes' to know whether it will rain or whether it will snow or whether it will be volcanoes. I do this on our back porch. I use a short wave scanner radio to get the information. The radio belonged to Margaret's father who used it to help with his Private Investigator business.

OK, OK!! The Whether Pote is about the past and present. The Whether Fo-Cast is about the future.

The sound comes from the scanning radio and is the weather report and forecast from an official US weather station located in Blacksburg, Virginia.

The back porch. You see the radio and the swim trunks and towel.

The view at night. The light is from a pair of candles.

The same view with light from a pair of wall lights. On the table is the radio and the two candles in a candle holder.

I noticed these salt and pepper shakers and their stand on an end table in our den, next to the back porch. Years ago we used them on our back porch during warmer weather when we ate there. I brought them in at the end of the season, sat them on the table, and had forgotten them for several years. I used the back porch slightly for sitting last fall.