Mixology and Recipes


This page is intended to present help, including pictures, on how to prepare certain of my favorite gastronomic delights. Click on an item in the index to see information on preparation.


SWEET POTATO PIE My day to day drink, and I invented it myself.

ANOTHER day to day drink that I invented.

EGG NOGG From an 1886 cook book.

BERRY FRAPPY This is a fruit punch, or Cordial, also from the 1886 book, and also spelled as frappe.

BELGIUM PUNCH A friend from Belgium gave me this recipe. It will be just the thing for your holiday party.

ZAMZAM I know that I have seen the recipe somewhere.


HANGOVER FOOD I have not had a hangover in years. I sometime begin my day with a neighborhood walk, waving to neighbors on their way to work. But I have found these breakfast recipes of use in the past.

CHRISTMAS OYSTERS I cooked fried oysters and scrambled eggs for Christmas breakfast.

NEW YEAR FOOD Neighbor Bob Cox brought us some food that he cooked for New Year 2005.

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE It isn't easy to find suitable strawberries for this recipe.

STUFFED PEPPERS Neighbor Chip Loving gave us some bell peppers and egg plants, so I used them in a couple of recipes.

SPAGHETTI SQUASH I used the bell peppers in a sauce for the spaghetti.

BEEF AND RED GRAVY Margaret cooks one of her special meals. Margaret has cooked two meals this January 2005. I don't think she has cooked more than a half dozen meals in the past few years. But she has done plenty of TV dinners.

CHILI CON CARNE This is the second meal that Margaret cooked in January. She cooked it again in February and I took these pictures.

CHICKEN SALAD Margaret found a recipe that sounded good to her in a National Enquirer advertisement, so she cut it out and we got the ingredients when we went to the grocery store.

FRIED APPLES This is an apple jam good for breakfast.

SALSA FROM FLORIDA Neighbor Bob Cox went to Florida early this February. He brought us back some Florida produce. I used much of it to make salsa.

BEEF STEW Neighbor Sally Frasier cooked some beef stew and we got to sample it. Sally sent me the recipe and I added it to the page.

MEALS ON WHEELS We have been getting these lunches for over a year.

POKE WEED Neighbor Bob Cox knows how to cook poke like spinach.

LEEK AND POTATO SOUP This recipe was given to Margaret years ago. It sounds good for a cool spring day.

YUM YUM CAKE This is a recipe for a pineapple cake.

ZIPLOC OMELET This and the above recipe came to me from Cathy Day, wife of my third cousin Buddy Day.

STEAK I cook steak and potatoes in October 2006.

BEAN SOUP Good stuff from neighbor Jessie Reach.

STEAK POT ROAST I am not sure what piece of meat was cooked; but it was $7.70 per pound and wonderful to eat when Alice had finished with it.