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I have been collecting Erector sets for several years. And now I am ready to sell the collection, the entire room full, for about $10,000. Contact me at this e-mail address to find out more.




This is my 4 1/2 set that I got for Christmas about 1947. The parts and manual are original except the wind up motor. I got the box, motor,  and parts can from Elmer Wagner; and the panels are reproductions made by Brian Johnson. This set withstood much abuse; as from fire, explosions, drop from model airplanes, and use as components to dam a creek. I got, and still get, fantastic play value from the set. I am currently building all the 4 1/2 models.


Models that I have built.

Robot Models The first "robot" model was called a "doll"

3 1/2 Set Models These models for the redesigned set are spectacular.

The Coal Loader This is the ultimate Erector Model

No 12 Models This set from 1928-29 was never produced, but the manual showed models it would build.

PostWar 10 1/2 Models These are the Amusement Park Models

No 4 Models These are models built with a Sears No 4 set from around 1938.

1930 Fire Engine This is the fire engine built with the 1930 No 7 1/2 set.

Models for parts DN and DU These models use parts DN and DU. Do you know where these parts were used?

Covered Delivery Truck This is a model from the classic truck set that I have never seen built up pictures before. The model changed over the years of the truck set as the construction and parts for the truck set changed.

Portable Hand Derrick This is an early model in the new Erector system. I built it in Fall 2006.


Interesting sets in my collection, some with models that they will build.

1 1/2 Set This is the smallest regular set made.

White Truck Set This is the 1927 number 7 1/2 set.

1928 White Truck Set This set has the rare DN and DU parts.

3 1/2 set from 1935 A rare set I found on ebay.

6 1/2 set from 1935 I plan to restore this set and sell it.

3 1/2 set from 1936 Redesigned with many large new models.

Red Box No 7 from 1928 This should be a stained box set.

No 7 Set from 1929 Will build the Dock Hoist model.

ERECTOR 77 SET This set from 1928 is a one year set.

Accessory Set B The classic period Ferris Wheel set.

Steel Tech Set sold by J C Penney

4A Accessory Set to turn a No 3 set into a No 4 set.

Late Steel Box Set special set for some undetermined retailer.

1921 No 1 Set from the first style of Erector parts.

Young Erector Produced about 1975 for younger builders.

PreWar 10 1/2 Set This is the Train Set and models I wanted to build as a boy with a 4 1/2 set.


Other pictures.

Elmer Wagner The parts man.

Larry Yesner He builds fantastic models.

Meccano Models Some of the newest Meccano models.

Lionel System Lionel made construction sets and other toys after the war.

Tinker Toys These wood constructions sets outlasted Erector.

Unknown System These may be parts for a file cabinet system?

Erector Advertising The A C Gilbert company was a heavy advertiser. Gilbert was a master of promotion.

Erector Motors Gilbert made about a dozen motor and gearbox combinations. Here are a few.


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