This page has the recordings that I made of locomotives. The pictures are plagiarized from other web sites, until I can find the pictures that I took. If you think that I have your picture, then please let me know.

SOUTHERN CRESCENT DIESEL The Southern Crescent, diesel form, ran to New Orleans from New York about three times a week. On other days it ran part way, from Washington DC to Birmingham. Click on the SOUND links to hear the recordings. You will need to turn up the volume to get the full effect.

SOUTHERN CRESCENT STEAM The Southern Crescent was powered by the Mikado steam engine in the early years. Before that the Crescent Limited was powered by a smaller steam engine. These recordings were of an excursion train, powered by the engine, which ran from Lynchburg to Charlottesville.

NORFOLK AND WESTERN STEAM The J type steam engine, built by the N & W shops in Roanoke Virginia, pulled N & W passenger service, such as the Pocahontas, from Norfolk to West Virginia and points beyond. Here are recordings of an excursion train pulled by the antique engine which was housed at the Roanoke transportation museum.