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Chapter 0 Introduction

        1 Lewis Steppe Family Picture Summer 1942

        2 Quilt Block by grandma Kate Steppe from Aunt Irene

        3 Picture of Great-Great Grandmother Elizabeth Drinkard Layne

        4 Lewis and Shirley Steppe


Chapter 1 Jennings T Lane Family

        1 Jennings Thornton Lane and Eliza Jane Stevens

        2 Jennings Flurnoy Lane

        3 Robert Lane

        4 Selma Lane

        5 Lottie Lane

        6 Rubye Lane


Chapter 2 Benjamin F Waller Family

        1 Benjamin Franklin Waller and Harriett Catherine Hunt

        2 First family of Ben Waller

        3 Alonza Waller Family

        4 Twin Brothers Otis and Ocie

        5 Ocie Waller Family

        6 Otis Waller Family

        7 Waller 1935 Family Reunion


Chapter 3 John P Bailey Family

        1 John and Martha Bailey

        2 Lewis DePriest Family

        3 Ocea Bailey Family

        4 Oscar Bailey Family

        5 John Bailey Family

        6 Policeman Ocea Bailey

        7 Uncle John and Aunt Bertha stories

        8 Lewis DePriest

        9 Lewis DePriest Household in the 1900 Census


Chapter 4 John D Stepp Family

        1 John Dabney Stepp and Emma Haskins Layne

        2 James Stepp Family

        2a Edward Stepp Family

        3 Hunt Stepp Family

        4 Annie Steppe Family

        5 Emma Steppe Family

        6 Pete Steppe Family

        7 Kate Steppe Family

        8 Maggie Steppe Family

        9 Tucker Steppe

        10 Frank Steppe Family

        11 Walter Steppe Family

        12 Aunt Kate


Chapter 5 Lemuel Waller Family

        1 Lem and Meg Marriage Picture

        2 Courting letter Maggie to Lin

        3 First three Children of Len and Mag

        4 Photos from Summer of 1927

        5 A Waller Family Photo

        6 Vivian Waller Family

        7 Harry Waller Family

        8 Oris Waller Family

        9 Raymond Waller Family

        10 Iris Waller Family

        11 Cousin Robert Smith

        12 Cousin Juanita Waller

        13 Other Waller Cousins

        14 Found in Grandfather’s Closet

        15 Valentines to Grandma and Grandpa

        16 Lem and Mag, Christmas 1953


Chapter 6 Aunt Ora, Iris, Irma, and Shirley

        1 Aunt Ora notes with dresser set

        2 Postcards to Aunt Ora

        3 Aunt Ora’s Cottage

        4 Irma and Aunt Ora

        5 A New Home for Iris and Shirley

        6 A September Valentine

        7 Keepsakes from Iris

        8 Picture of Iris, Irma, and Shirley

        9 Iris and Shirley as young Women

        10 An Easter Excursion

        11 Mother’s Suitors

        12 Three Forks School

        13 Invitation to a Soiree

        14 Letter From Irma

        15 Notes on the Teenie Weenie Book

        16 Pages From the Teenie Weenie Book

        17 The Teenie Weenie Book Transcribed


Chapter 7 Cleveland and Kate Steppe Family

        1 Cleveland and Kate Steppe Picture

        2 The Steppe Children

        3 Gordon Steppe Family

        4 Daniel Steppe Family

        5 Ruth Steppe Family

        6 Mary Steppe Family

        7 Clyde Steppe Family

        8 Steppe children at Uncle John’s

        9 Portraits of Uncles and Wives

        10 Cousin Clay Davis

        11 Other Steppe Cousins

        12 E-mail From Aunt Irene with 50th Anniversary Pic


Chapter 8 Lewis Steppe Family

        1 Lewis and Shirley Wedding photo

        2 Lewis and Shirley Children

        3 Our Barn Home

        4 Visit to Aunt Vivian in DC

        5 Summer 1950 Excursions

        6 Steppe Family Trip to Kansas

        7 Bailey Steppe family

        8 Sylvia Steppe family

        9 Margaret Steppe family

        10 Dad Shows Off


Chapter 9 Papers of the family

        1 Peter Daniel Will and Deed of Gift

        2 Marriage bond for Cuthbert and Elizabeth

        3 Marriage license for Ben and Cat

        4 Marriage license for Jennings and Eliza

        5 Family obituaries

        6 Letter to Grandpa on estate of J T Lane

        7 Emma’s application and a parole pass

        8 CSA records of A G Bailey

        9 Ben Waller Pension Application

        10 Trace of Land Ocea Bailey to Grandpa Waller


Chapter A Military Service

1 Family Service Pre WWI

        2 Veterans’ Grave Markers

        3 Story of Benjamin Hughes

        4 Battle at Drewry’s Bluff

        5 Pics about Drewry’s Bluff

        6 Battle at Saylor’s Creek

        7 Pics about Saylor’s Creek

        8-1 Cavalry Action at Haw’s Shop

        8-1 Pics about Cavalry Action at Haw's Shop

        8 Civil war pics

        9 Letter from Claude Bailey in France

        10 Family Service People


Chapter B Stories and Memories

        1 Bridge Work

        2 Mary Booth Stories

        3 Allen German and Edna Bailey

        4 Tobacco Growing

        5 Grandfathers Store

        6 Memories of Uncle Raymond

        7 Memories of Uncle Oris

        8 Memories of Uncle Harry

        9 My Parent’s Bibles

        10 Cradle Roll Certificate of Bailey Steppe

        11 Dad was a Cowboy

        12 Dad was a Bus Driver


Chapter C Family Trees and Reports

        1 Children and Grandchildren of John and Emma Stepp

        2 Children and Grandchildren of John and Martha Bailey

        3 Children and Grandchildren of Ben and Cath Waller

        4 Children and Grandchildren of Jennings and Eliza Lane

        5 Bailey Steppe Tree

        6 Bailey Steppe Relatives



Chapter D Family Places

        1 James Stepp Home

        2 Mount Vernon Baptist Church

        3 Edmund Steppe-Frank Jordan Home and Family Cemetery

        4 B F Waller Home

        5 Straightstone Baptist Church and Pleasant Lane

        6 Bailey Farm

        7 Grandma DePriest home sites

        8 Notes on the maps

        9 Maps

        10 Len Waller Home Place


Chapter E Photo Album

        1 Great Grandmother Emma Stepp

        2 Great Grandmother Emma and Great-aunt Kate

        3 Grandma DePriest

        4 John P Bailey, the Colonel

        5 John and Zach

        6 Benjamin F Waller

        7 Great Grandmother Waller and Children

        8 Waller Boys

        9 Lemuel Lee Waller Five Children

        10 Alonza Waller Family

        11 Uncle Oris and Aunt Irene by Traci

        12 Grandparents Waller Summer 1957

        13 Grandma in her chair

        14 Grandpa’s Twin Brothers

        15 Children of Len and Mag Waller

        16 Christmas 1975 with Aunt Vivian

        17 Dan Visits Laymond

        18 School Photos

        19 Ben’s Photo

        20 Daughters of John D and Emma Stepp

        21 Another Steppe Generation

        22 Daniel and Ruth Dressed Up

        23 Ben Waller and Friends


Chapter F About The Research

        1 After Word: Remarks on Family Research

        2 Mrs. Mead on Ben Hughes

        3 The Steppe Family in America

        4 The Drinkard Family in Virginia

        5 Contributors, Web Sites, E-mail Addresses

        6 Pictures of Contributors

        7 Margaret at the Seashore


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